Darwin Project In 2021

Ten prisoners are spawned into a snowy arena made up of seven tiles, each including different environments from tree houses to lava-filled zones and more. The game is run by the eleventh player, AKA The Show Director, who is equipped with powers to make the game more interesting for the ten prisoners fighting for their lives. Each player can choose to play as a male or female prisoner. They are equipped with an axe, a bow and arrows. They can also choose three pieces of equipment from among bear traps, cage traps, snowballs, hooks, gliders, and tripwires. Players can use electronics that can be granted by the show director, or rewarded by getting the first kill of the game. The electronics are used to make powers for the prisoners to give them advantages in fighting or fleeing. Players can choose how to play throughout the arena by choosing different variations of builds. Builds include arrow type, the equipment used, electronic powers equipped (three per player), axe type, a cloak, and boots, all of which will also change the play style of each prisoner.

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