Ghost Recon Breakpoint In 2021

Prior to the events of the game, Skell Technology comes under increasing public scrutiny when they are faced with mounting evidence that its products are being used by corrupt regimes.[c] The situation escalates further when the USS Seay, an American cargo ship, sinks off the coast of the Auroa archipelago, and the entire island chain cuts all communication to the outside world. In response, CIA Deputy Director Peter Miles initiates Operation Greenstone, deploying a Ghost Recon platoon to re-establish contact with Auroa and determine the circumstances of the sinking. The insertion ends in disaster when the helicopters carrying the platoon to the island are shot down by a swarm of drones.

Nomad survives the crash, but Midas is missing in action, Holt is crippled, and Weaver is executed by Cole Walker, a former Ghost-turned-leader of an elite paramilitary group called the “Wolves.” Nomad gets in contact with Mads Schulz, an ex-United States Marine and de facto leader of Erewhon, the hideout of former homesteaders who lived on Auroa before Skell Tech’s arrival. Mads reveals that the homesteaders were forced into hiding by a private military company employed by Skell Tech called Sentinel, who had been hired for security following a terrorist bombing on the island, but has now overthrown Skell Tech and declared martial law over the entire archipelago. Nomad meets Josiah Hill, another Ghost survivor with whom he and Walker have history: The three were part of a mission in the Middle East, which ended in disaster when Walker executed their commanding officer for murdering a civilian, after which Walker resigned and disappeared. Nomad then encounters Skell’s chief mathematician Maurice Fox and his daughter, Harmony, and discovers that all of Auroa is surrounded by a massive network of drones that prevents anyone from entering or leaving.

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