How To Rapidly Max Out Your Personality In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Video Game – Total Version

Sick of getting your butt kicked by those blonde-haired jerks and also fire breathing dragon plushies in Scott Explorer vs. The Globe: The Game Full Version? In today’s idea video, we’re mosting likely to reveal you exactly how to max out your character during the very first degree and also have you travelling with Romana’s wicked ex lovers in no time.To beginning, most likely to the Shopping District housed on degree one. If you have actually beaten the level, you must have the ability to go there immediately from the primary center. Once you wipe up the enemies, stroll over to the Delicious Cup coffee bar and also enter the door. Go in as well as purchase any of the thing menus. Having one in your stock will certainly stop you from losing lives after you input the complying with cheat code.

Once you have actually acquired the palatable, tip outside, and input the timeless code while holding the dive button: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, block. You’ll shed all your wellness, but you’ll acquire $50 at the same time– and also due to your smart means of buying the tea earlier (which recovers your wellness before you shed a life), you will not need to worry about beginning the level over.

Repeat this process until you’ve saved greater than $504.25. Once you have actually cheated your way to the top, head over to No Account Video clip as well as settle Scott’s late charges. From there, a slew of video boosters will certainly appear to you. While each tape has details incentives, you’re only going to want to focus on buying two upgrades.

Up is the 7 Shaolin Masters video, which increases each of your stats by 10 points. If you’re level one, acquire the tape 10 times to max out all your statistics to 100.

Successive is the Alone as well as Disturbed videotape, which offers you a 1500 XP boost per acquisition. Acquire enough to open all the steps with level 16 and also view your enemies quake in anxiety.

Undoubtedly, getting the tapes still takes money, so you’ll need to go and also duplicate the rip off code entrance a few even more times to cover the cost, however we can guarantee you it deserves it.

Congratulations, you have actually currently turned Scott right into the equivalent of a Super Saiyan God. We don’t advise you play this way on your initial playthrough, yet this method is terrific for maxing out all the personalities on your mission to unlock Nega Scott.

Thanks for enjoying and if you wonder about Scott Pilgrim, make sure to have a look at our ideas on the game on The GI Show as well as Brand-new Gameplay Today!

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