Japanese Catfight Club (YAKUZA 0)

Ok,first of all, the entire mini game really depend on luck but from my experience,i do notice something.

You should always take a look at your opponents stars on their scissors,paper,stone.They usually will use those that have higher stars more often.

And also,i notice that computer AI tend to choose the choice that work against you.
for instance if u place your selected options at stone,they tend to use paper.

What u can do is ,you purposely place your option at stone,when the countdown start,3,2,1,when it say fight,quickly switch to scisscor.

However the above mention was not 100% fully accurate.Just that i notice i can predict enemy move quite often this way

Try to choose jennifer,i think her attack is stronger.

But again it all come to luck,there an instance ,i won the match but the enemy suddenly stand up,and use a special to KO me,i was quite surprised about it – junxian127
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