Know By Heart Is A Narrative Experience About Approving Loss By The Makers Of Pathologic

Know backwards and forwards is a future narrative experience by Ice-Pick Lodge, most popular for their horror-driven Pathologic series. This narrative-driven experience trades in the weird survival horror of the workshops past operate in support of a much more grounded narrative concerning taking a trip down memory lane and accepting loss.

Set in a post-Soviet Russian community, lead character Mischa locates himself embeded the tedious routine of life till his secondary school crush go back to town. As both old buddies rekindle their connection and reconnect with various other high-school friends, the silent town experiences its own situation.

The non-linear story functions several closings and takes about five hours to end up, according to Ice-Pick Lodge. Gameplay technicians are designed around Mischa’s ideas and also memories, including different mini-games made to aid “weave an impression of briefly returning to one’s youth and inevitably maturing …” The low-polygonal art instructions looks terrific, and also the beautiful piano-laden soundtrack compliments the presentation.

Know backwards and forwards is pertaining to COMPUTER at some point throughout Q2 2021.

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