Metal Gear Survive in 2021

Following the Ground Zeroes Incident, the surviving MSF members bury their dead, aided by the UN. A UN member takes the body of a soldier, who had avoided being sucked into a wormhole that had opened above Mother Base shortly after the incident, but had severed their arm when it closed.

Months later, the soldier awakens in a Wardenclyffe Section facility, a government research group investigating organisms and wormholes. The UN member, Goodluck, a chief researcher, enlists the soldier to enter a wormhole to Dite, another dimension. The soldier was chosen due to the Mother Base wormhole infecting him with an organism from Dite, restoring their arm but putting them at risk of becoming a zombie-like Wanderer. Goodluck dubs the soldier “Captain”, and instructs them to find a cure and to rescue others transported to Dite through wormholes.

In Dite, the Captain makes their way to Base Camp, allying with Reeve, an XOF soldier sucked into the Mother Base wormhole. They find Base Camp abandoned except for Virgil AT-9, an artificial intelligence from the Charon Corps, an investigation team previously sent to Dite. Following an emergency shutdown upon their disappearance, Virgil remained dormant and its memory partially lost. The Captain rescues several human survivors, including a boy called Chris.

Virgil eventually generates a wormhole to transport the group back to Earth, but cannot maintain it without Iris, a source of energy. They are contacted by Joseph Gruen, head of Wardenclyffe Section, claiming that Goodluck acted against orders in orchestrating the Captain’s mission, before committing suicide. A black box within Virgil supports this, but Gruen vows to bring the group home. With enough Iris energy, the wormhole is opened but Gruen demands maximum energy output, attracting the Lord of Dust, a huge creature. The group is forced to enter and close the wormhole before it can follow. They are transported to a forested area of Dite instead of Earth, and deduce Gruen desired the Lord of Dust to use for its vast source of energy. Goodluck instructs them to find a weapon to destroy the creature.
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