Remember Modern Warfare’s Campaign

Angered by his son’s death, Zakhaev takes control of an ICBM launch facility in the Atlay Mountains and threatens to launch nukes at the U.S. in retaliation. Price leads a joint British-American operation to stop this, but Griggs goes off course during the HALO and is captured. Soap, Gaz and Price diverted their course to rescue him before killing the power to the launch facility to allow Force Recon to breach the perimeter. Shortly after getting inside and linking up with Sniper Team Two, they witnessed two nuclear missiles being launched toward the U.S. with an estimated 41,096,749 casualties. The team hastened inside and after taking the enemy armor out with C4, they cut the wire to the vents and got inside. After reaching the control room, Soap uses the abort codes sent by Baseplate, the team’s command to destroy the missiles in flight before they reach the Eastern Seaboard. Soap, Griggs and Price rendezvoused with Gaz at the vehicle depot where they made their escape by using Russian trucks.

With the enemy vehicles and a Mi-24 Hind behind them, Soap, Gaz, Price, Griggs and the survivors headed down the Russian motorway, but a bridge critical to their escape is destroyed and they scrambled to make a desperate last stand against the Ultranationalists. However, an oil tanker soon explodes, incapacitating everyone, but Griggs who tries to drag Soap to safety, but is killed in the process by Zakhaev’s guards. Zakhaev himself eventually executes Gaz. A wounded Price slides Soap his M1911 which he dramatically kills Zakhaev and his patrol. Kamarov and the Loyalists soon arrived where Soap is carried away on a stretcher and a medic begins to resuscitate Price, but the fate of the two is unknown. Meanwhile, a news reporter announces a series of nuclear missile tests in Russia and the search for a ship in the Bering Strait was called off, showing that the public did not know what actually happened in the six-day crisis.

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